The ultimate cat breed guide for all cat lovers who are considering getting a pedigree cat - but want to know beforehand what's in store for them!

--Revised edition with current prices of each pedigree cat for 2023--them!

All Cat Breeds of this World book Atelier Kaymak 2022

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Exciting background about the breeding history of each cat with amusing anecdotes. A book for many hours!


An overview of all 136 officially registered cat breeds around the world was long overdue. Here is everything you need to know and should know about pedigreed cats!


Each cat is portrayed as an artistic ink pen drawing, inviting the eye to linger. Countless graphics and tables draw the reader in!


All important information such as special characteristics and notes on each individual cat, as well as the complete entries in the 15 largest cat breed registers in the world!

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All Cat Breeds of this World book review readers 2022

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Buy the nice, thick tome

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  • Nuesret Kaymak

    Nuesret Kaymak arbeitet seit vielen Jahren als Kreativer für PR, Werbung und TV. Seit 2012 veröffentlicht er didaktische und humorvolle Bücher über Sagen und Mythen, die Natur und sein Steckenpferd, die Geschichte.

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