Cats look me in the eyes…

Cats look me in the eyes…

 Available now on Amazon and Google Play: SpeedDating Animals: Cats

Atelier Kaymak presents all the wild cats of the world: 46 species in individual portraits. An illustrated journey through the evolution of the big cats. With 139 pen and ink drawings.

„Here’s looking at you kid“

Most of the cats presented here certainly don’t let you say that twice: predatory cats are curious … and unfortunately also mostly hungry. Therefore, they’d make short work of most of us.

Humphrey Bogart’s line and the movie CASABLANCA are surely only known by the older ones among us. Nevertheless: the phrase shaped whole generations. Therefore, you will still hear this macho remark here and there today (if anyone still dares). Bogart is the patron of this book. Also because his colleague and wife at the time – the wonderfully pretty Lauren Bacall (the one with the cat’s eyes) – could easily join the book here.

SpeedDating Animals is, so to speak, the pizza version of nonfiction. Here you take away tons of knowledge in a pleasant way – without being bludgeoned by lots of info right away! The book – and the whole series – has the intention to convey complex topics in a pleasant way. The beginning is set by the cats, my personal favorite animals.

Get to know all the wild predatory cats of the world… quickly, without obligation and without fear of falling asleep again with a boring non-fiction book.

SpeedDating Animals offers you a safe encounter with them: guaranteed without scratches and bites! 🙂

Happy dating!! 🙂

SpeedDating Animals
Cats Look Me in the Eyes…
The Entire Family of Predator Cats

ISBN: 978-3-96183-121-0 Paperback (klick & buy)
ASIN: B0BC6L2C85 Kindle (klick & buy)
ISBN: 978-3-96183-122-7 EPUB (klick & buy)
ISBN: 978-3-96183-120-3 PDF (klick & buy)

Nuesret Kaymak is Sagittarius-Ascendant-Sagittarius and works as a creative for PR, advertising and TV. On the side, he publishes books about animals, nature and history, his hobbyhorse. His writing guides are Dashiell Hammet, Ray Bradbury and Stephen King. His guiding visual figures are Frank Frazetta, John Buscema, Jack Davis and Boris Vallejo.

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  • Nuesret Kaymak

    Nuesret Kaymak arbeitet seit vielen Jahren als Kreativer für PR, Werbung und TV. Seit 2012 veröffentlicht er didaktische und humorvolle Bücher über Sagen und Mythen, die Natur und sein Steckenpferd, die Geschichte.

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