FATTY FISH-The Tale Of The Vital Omega-acids: OPUS FAT-Really True Goods Of Creation

Let yourself be carried along and dive into the WORLD OF THE WATER and its inhabitants. Recapitulate in a HUMOROUS and BITTERSWEET way the history of evolution: HOW this world came to be, WHERE it is exactly at the moment and WHICH motivations led toe the existence of HOMO SAPIENS. And this is the TRUE creation of mankind – not the two CONSTITUTION STORIES of Church and Enlightenment! You can safely forget them – because this is all just cheap propaganda! Instead, you now learn the truth – the NAKED truth. Without fig leaves or anything.

Because the evolution has to do with a guy named CHEFFE, a POKER GAME and a SCANDINAVION LOSER! And that a CHAR, CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES and CHEMICAL REACTION play a significant role in the CANALIZATION. Read WHY man busted from the WG in the ocean and apologists transfigured this for LAND SPEED. And WHY primates in the DIASPORA became landlubbers. Get to know the true REASON of your supposed hunger on FISH! That you sit a MYTH, whose author only wants to ENSLAVE you and pull YOUR hard earned MONEY out of your pocket. And HOW you can FREE YOURSELF FROM IT to get GIGANTIC WAVES of OMEGA FATTY ACIDS extremely cheap without HARMING ANY ANIMAL or FISH. Learn to rediscover your lost FAMILY and SAVE THE WORLD before its downfall…

Paperback, 184 pages with numerous illustrations: € 6,25

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