Coming soon: Witches & Witchers

Beautiful goths prove that the Gothic culture has not lost its appeal. The gloomy, dark subculture that emerged from post-punk and new wave has worldwide followers. What they all have in common is their penchant for individuality (they are anything but stupid), their love of gothic and darc wave music – whose eerie content deals with suffering, transience and death, and the celebration of a common outward appearance that identifies them as followers of the black scene. The wonderful aesthetics of the gothic style were first seen by the masses in Tim Burton’s feature film Edward Scissorhands (1990) – which helped the lead actor, Johnny Depp, to break through and become a heartthrob with women.

In this book I set a monument to the gothic scene and show goths who all can compete with Johnny Depp: because every single one is a world star!

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