#spielend #einfach #bildung #lernen
#spielend #einfach #bildung #lernen

Schlagwort: Evolution

Three new books in progress

Despite – or perhaps because of – Corona, we are rushing around the house to find new titles that are simultaneously in progress. As already announced via VLB and on Amazon – there are currently three specific titles in the works, which will be available as printed and digital editions:

  • „Leo – King of the Jungle: All about Panthera leo“
  • „The Book of Cats: The big family of cats“
  • „Evolution of the cats: The Evolution of Cats“

Knowledge compact

The print versions are almost 300 pages each, which is necessary for the extensive amount of information and pictures. And again, no half measures are taken: each of these books covers everything worth knowing – and even more, almost completely!


This means that everything that readers should know about the topic has been compiled with the greatest care and consideration and lovingly prepared and designed. Our mission statement is simple and understandable: „Bring out a book you would buy yourself!

Long lasting reading pleasure

The visually appealing, phone-thick books from Atelier Kaymak’s Creative & Study Book series – are also suitable as serious reference works that are intended to be used over a longer period of time.

In any case, we remain on the ball with full commitment and good mood and keep you informed about the progress.

SAUROS Herrscher im Zeitalter der Reptilien

Titelankündigung: SAUROS Herrscher im Zeitalter der Reptilien

SAUROS Herrscher im Zeitalter der Reptilien: Antarktis, Australien, Indien und Madagaskar (Atelier Kaymak’s Kreativ- & Studienbücher Band 3)

Erstmals in dieser Darstellungsform erhältlich: eine komplette Zusammenstellung sämtlicher bisher gefundenen und katalogisierten Riesenechsen aus dem Mesozoikum. Das mehrere Bände umfassende Kompendium bietet den vollständigen Überblick über alle der Wissenschaft bekannten Dinosaurier des Erdmittelalters.

(In Produktion und in Kürze im Handel)