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Book Review All Cat Breeds

All Cat Breeds of This World: All Approved Cat Breeds

„Katzen-Echo“/Deutsche Edelkatze e.V.
(„Cat Echo“/German Noble Cat Registered Society)

This is something completely new! Big as a telephone book, impressive graphic design in black and white, surprisingly unusual in appearance and content.

The 300-page volume from Atelier Kaymak looks a bit bulky at first glance, but is extremely pleasant to consume, full of pictures and short texts, informative and entertaining at the same time.

After a clear introduction into the cat being, the listing of 15 world-wide important cat breed organizations, overview and explanation to the numerous pictograms, which provide distributed over the whole book for fast info, Kaymak presents 136 cat races in alphabetical order in each case double-sided in the Kurzportrait. He characterizes each breed with a beautiful large-format pen drawing, in addition he gives interesting anecdotally spiced background information to breeding history and special characteristics of the breed. There are some inconsistencies, which are probably due to the lack of clarity and dynamic development of the intercontinental cat clubs by no means equal, by Kaymak, who is apparently always somehow the rogue in the neck, with a specially built in joke surpassed. That’s what makes you happy!

The author describes himself as a passionate cat fan, and you can see this in his work, which comes completely out of his hand, page by page. The successful unity of artistic design and didactic approach is what makes this book so special, which also impresses with an extraordinarily customer-friendly price.

All illustrations, with the exception of protected logos and trademarks, are free for private and non-commercial use, especially in educational institutions, old people’s homes, children’s homes and clinics.

Nuesret Kaymak works as an illustrator, concept and comic artist, cartoonist and animator for advertising, PR, film and television. Since 2012 he has been writing and illustrating didactic and humorous books on history, politics, art and culture, vegetarianism and animal welfare. You can find him on Linkedin, Xing, Google and other social media sites.

The new book of the cat and philanthropist is suitable for viewing and reading, as a template for handicrafts and painting, for learning and pleasure in all ages and life situations.

Review: Ortrun Wagner, Essen/Germany (15.12.2019)

Edit: In the current version (20.12.2019) all errors were corrected (publisher)

Book Review CATUS Coloring Book


„Katzen-Echo“/Deutsche Edelkatze e.V.
(„Cat Echo“/German Noble Cat Registered Society)

Nuesret Kaymak

Atelier Kaymaks creative & study books, volume 1

Paperback: 292 pages
21.6 x 1.7 x 27.9 cm
Age recommended by the manufacturer: From 4 years
Publisher: Atelier Kaymak, Aachen, 2019
ISBN-10: 3961830185
ISBN-13: 978-3961830183
Amazon: 8,20 Euro

An original colouring book with high information value, artistically stimulating for fantasy and curiosity under the slogan: „Get to know 136 four-legged personalities who can hardly wait to be discovered and painted by you!“

After an easily understandable introduction to the world of cats in general, of pedigree cats in particular, the listing of 15 important breeding associations and an alphabetical table of contents about the breeds, there follow full-page naturalistic pen drawings of various pedigree cats from all over the world in landscape format, which invite to imaginative colouring, with short information about the breed on the opposite page.

In fact, the book’s appeal is irresistible to cat lovers large and small and those who want to become one. It not only invites you to paint, but also makes you curious for more.

The author, who has worked for more than 25 years as a concept designer, illustrator, cartoonist and animator for advertising, PR, film and TV (see atelierkaymak.de), writes didactically and humorously about history, politics, art and culture, vegetarianism and animal protection and is a proven cat fan. His book, completely from his hand, shows this immediately. Also the humor does not come with him too briefly, as one can see on page 238…

Kaymak’s generous permission to use copies of his cat illustrations free of charge for educational and care institutions as well as charitable

organizations and beyond that for private, non-commercial purposes makes the already pedagogically valuable book particularly attractive, especially since the price of 8.50 € is surprisingly low in relation to its size and presentation.

A very recommendable book!

Review: Ortrun Wagner (01.01.2020)

Hooray! The new book title has finally been published! The MIAO WOW cat handbook:

All Cat Breeds of This World – All Approved Cat Breeds (Atelier Kaymak’s creative- & study books, Book 2)

It took a bit longer than I thought – but now the second volume of the Science Papers is finally out. The title is available in two languages, German and English and as a phonebook-sized print edition and as an eBook. It was not less work but it was really fun to collect all the information and amusing anecdotes. I hope the readers enjoy it as much as I do. :-))

Order now: https://amzn.to/2Na02W7

Also available as ebook (EUR 3,57): https://amzn.to/2KNjVzz