Fatty Fish 2: Money Makes the World Go Round

Fatty Fish 2: Money Makes the World Go Round

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The fish are finally fed up with it: because Homo sapiens is on their leash and exterminates them – they defend themselves by exposing the lies around the fish and the biggest lie of evolution: the history of mankind! A bitterly satire with truth content.

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TRIGGER WARNING: when Charles Bukowski, Bill Waterson and Michael Moore meet!!

In the second volume of our dive, we take you into the realm of fat and fatty oils. You will get to know the true basis in the usual black-humorous way, why Homo sapiens makes such a fuss about the repulsive stuff that can ensure his survival – but also make him sick and dead. Learn why fat is so important to primates and Why they are even willing to walk over corpses for it. Learn who in this monkey circus around organic fat gain his fortune. Who has absolutely no interest in stopping or even ending the consistent predatory exploitation of the animal world? Get to know alternatives, how to get much more efficiently to the desired substance. Free yourself from the clutches of ruthless beneficiaries and help to save the animal kingdom from extinction and the world from perishing…

Let yourself be pulled along and dive into the world of water and its inhabitants. Refresh your knowledge about the history of evolution in a humorous and bitter way: How the world we live in was actually created and where exactly it is now, at this very moment. Find out the real reason why Homo sapiens came into being and what the origin of mankind is all about. Forget the propaganda and conspiracy theories of the Church and the Enlightenment, because the history of the earth was different. Learn the truth at last: the whole, naked truth. Without a fig leaf.

Nuesret Kaymak has been working for more than 25 years as an illustrator, concept and comic artist, cartoonist and animator for advertising, PR, film and TV (see http://atelierkaymak.de). Since 2012 he has been writing didactically and humorously about history, politics, art and culture, vegetarianism and animal welfare.

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